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Glossary and Terminology

Adsorption/adsorbed: Refers to the molecular bonding of a gas to the surface of a solid. In the case of CBM, methane is adsorbed or bonded to the coal

Biogenic: produced by living organisms or biological processes.

Casing: Steel pipe placed in a well and cemented in place to prevent the earth from collapsing and to isolate water, gas and oil from the original formations.

Cleat: The network of natural fractures that form in coal seams as part of the natural maturation process of coal.

Coalification: Compression and hardening over long periods of time, the processes by which coal is formed from plant material.

Coal Seam: A bed of coal found in the subsurface

Completion: The activities and methods to prepare a well for production. Includes the installation of equipment for production from a gas well

Desorption/desorbed: To remove (an adsorbed or absorbed substance) from.

Disposal Well: A well into which produced water from other wells is injected into an underground formation for disposal.

Enhanced Recovery: The use of artificial means to increase the amount of hydrocarbons that can be recovered from a reservoir. A reservoir depleted by normal extraction practices usually can be restored to production by secondary or tertiary methods of enhanced recovery

Fault: A fracture surface in rocks along which movement of rock on one side has occurred relative to rock on the other side

Fracturing: Forcing fluid at high pressures into an existing fracture in the coal seam to cause it to widen, creating passages for the gas to escape and improve well productivity

Formation (geologic): A rock body distinguishable from other rock bodies and useful for mapping or description. Formations may be combined into groups or subdivided into members.

Hydrostatic Pressure: The force exerted from water

Lithification: The process of converting sediment to rock

Permeability: The rate of flow of a liquid or gas through a porous material

Thermogenic: Generation or production of heat, especially by physiological processes.

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